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Orange Roughy
SKU: 580
12 (6.5 oz.) Filets
SKU: 650
12 (7/8 oz.) Swordfish Steaks
Stuffed Sole Elites
SKU: 630
Sixteen Servings
Tail Off Shrimp
SKU: 680
4 Pounds (Approximately 100) Raw Shrimp
Large Cooked Shrimp
SKU: 520
4.5 pounds of 16/20 count Huge Fully Cooked Shrimp
Scottish Salmon
SKU: 607
10 (8 oz.) Portions
SKU: 541
Deep Sea Scallops
SKU: 620
4 (Approximately 36 scallops) Pounds
SKU: 560
12 (6/7 oz.) Filets
SKU: 5400
Six Portions of (6-7 oz.) Alaskan Steaks
Crab Claws
SKU: 5250
10 Servings These Super Sweet claws are partially shelled and individually frozen, making serving and eating a breeze.
Large Cooked Shrimp
SKU: 5200
2.25 lbs of 16/20 count Fully Cooked and Cleaned Huge Shrimp
King Salmon
SKU: 6050
Five (8-9 oz.)Fillet Portions
Colossal Shrimp
SKU: 510
2 Bags (Approximately 40 Shrimp)
Giant Cooked Shrimp
SKU: 519
4 (Approximately 40 Shrimp) Bags
8-9 oz Warm Water Lobster Tails
SKU: 500
10 (8/9 oz.) Warm Water Lobster Tails
Large Raw Shrimp 16/20 Count
SKU: 521
4 Bags (Approximately 70 Shrimp) Fresh, giant, raw black tiger shrimp. Some of the biggest shrimp on the planet, de-veined and cleaned with the tail left on to see the excellent quality. These Black Tigers are unmatched.
Maryland Crab Cakes
SKU: 575
24 (2 oz.) Crab Cakes
King Salmon
SKU: 605
10 (8 oz.) Portions
Crab Claws
SKU: 525
18 Servings The sweet, succulent meat of the snow crab reflects its home in the cold ocean waters. With its delicate flavor, it is very versatile, yet quite delicious simply served on its own. These claws are partially shelled and individually frozen, making serving and eating a breeze. Simply delicious, each 3 lb. bag of Cocktail Crab Claws has approximately 48-60 claws, and serves up to 18 as a decadent appetizer or 8-12 as an entree.
Sashimi Pink Ahi Tuna
SKU: 615
10 (8 oz.) Filets
Sashimi Pink Ahi Tuna
SKU: 6150
5 (8-9 oz.) Sashimi Grade Ahi Tuna Fillets--- Apart from being eaten raw, this fish is also good for grilling. Yellowfin is often served seared rare.
Chilean Sea Bass
SKU: 610
12 (7/8 oz.) Boneless Filets
Dover Sole
SKU: 625
11 (6/7 oz.) Filets
Norwegian Salmon
SKU: 602
10 (7-8 oz.) Portions - Kosher and Sashimi Grade
SKU: 635
10 Servings
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