Why We're Different


Personal Gourmet carries only the finest meat and seafood available. Food that you are accustomed to find only at the finest restaurants and top of the line resorts. We are so confident you will find our food of unmatched quality; we back it up with a 100% unconditional return guarantee. Beef steaks and Roasts are aged 30 days so the tenderness and flavor will rival or surpass even your favorite steak house!! Seafood is selected from cleanest, most pure waters from around the globe to assure freshness and flavor. Our poultry is only natural, free range and/or organic to assure quality, humane treatment and flavor.


Meal preparation has never been made easier. Virtually all of the food goes from freezer to table in 20-30 minutes. And don’t forget the hassles of waiting in line at the market, Personal Gourmet brings the food to you absolutely free as part of our 5-Star Service. Many of our reps have restaurant experience and will bring a wealth of knowledge, recipes and tips to help make life easier and more enjoyable in the kitchen!!    Need it dropped off while you work? We'll leave it for you in a reusable cooler so its perfect when you arrive at home.

Portion Control

At Personal Gourmet, the cuts of meat and seafood come individually wrapped to seal in flavor and prevent waste. Portion control prevents waste in two different ways – 1) you get what you paid for. By trimming the fat, bone and skin prior to packaging – you get the net weight on your plate instead of the trash; and 2) you only prepare what you need. There is no food thrown away or leftovers in the refrigerator.

Flash Frozen

Flash-freezing is a revolutionary process of quick freezing (just a few seconds). This process locks in the freshness by maintaining the flavors, juices, vitamins and minerals of the food. It also allows the food to be stored for long periods of time (over a year) and still maintains the same level of quality and freshness as the day it was frozen.

Superior Packaging

Before the products are flash frozen, they are packaged in heavy-duty, airtight packaging and are Cryovac (vacuum) sealed. This type of packaging and process ensures that our products can be kept in perfect condition until they are ready to use.

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