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SKU: 5400
Six Portions of (6-7 oz.) Alaskan Steaks
Organic Chicken Breast
SKU: 4260
Eight Perfectly Trimmed (6-7 oz.) Portions Of 100 percent Organic Chicken
Crab Claws
SKU: 5250
10 Servings These Super Sweet claws are partially shelled and individually frozen, making serving and eating a breeze.
Bone-In Ribeye Steaks (Cowboy Cuts) 18 oz
SKU: 1560
4 cuts of (18 oz.) Bone-In Ribeye Steaks (Cowboy Cuts) Unbelievably thick bone-in rib chops - aged 30 days. The marbling in this cut allows it to earn the honor of being our richest, juiciest, most flavorful and tender steak. Served on the bone to retain maximum flavor.
Dover Sole
SKU: 6250
The flavor of the Dover sole is mild and sweet, elusive and enticingly different from more mundane white fish species. It’s a special indulgence and always worth extra care and expense. Eight 7 oz skinless boneless fillets. Flash frozen to be perfect when they are cooked.
New York Strip and Ribeye Steak Variety Box
SKU: 1600
4 Cuts of (13 oz.) Boneless Ribeye Steaks - 30 Day Aged Natural Angus Beef and 4 Cuts of (10 oz.) New York Strip Steaks - Perfect Center Cuts- 30 Day Aged Natural Angus Beef
Large Cooked Shrimp
SKU: 5200
2.25 lbs of 16/20 count Fully Cooked and Cleaned Huge Shrimp
King Salmon
SKU: 6050
Five (8-9 oz.)Fillet Portions
Prime Pork Frenched Rib Chop
SKU: 7050
Six Perfectb Cuts of (9 oz.) Prime Pork Chops
Sashimi Pink Ahi Tuna
SKU: 6150
5 (8-9 oz.) Sashimi Grade Ahi Tuna Fillets--- Apart from being eaten raw, this fish is also good for grilling. Yellowfin is often served seared rare.
Salmon and Halibut Variety Box
SKU: 2600
Six 7 oz Norway Salmon Fillets - Sashimi Grade- Boneless and Skinless Six 7oz Alaskan Halibut Fillets- Skinless and Boneless These fillets are flash frozen on board the boats four hours after the catch. This ensures the fish are as fresh as they can be when you are ready to cook them!
Filet Mignon and Flat Iron Variety Box
SKU: 2500
Two Beautiful Cuts in One Box! Six 6oz Filet Mignons- Perfectly Center Cut and Trimmed - Fork Tender! And Six 8oz Prime Flat Iron Steaks - Very Tender and Extremely Flavorful! Both Aged 30 Days
Trimmed Filet Mignon - Aged 21-28 Days
SKU: 1080
Six Steaks - (8-9 oz.) Filets - USDA Choice or Higher
Trimmed Filet Mignon Premium - Extra Fancy
SKU: 1070
Six Perefectly Trimmed (6-7 oz.) Filets
Natural, Skinless, Boneless Breast of Chicken
SKU: 4200
Ten Perfectly Trimmed (4-5 oz.) Free Range Chicken Breasts (Antibiotic -free)
Natural, Skinless, Boneless Breast of Chicken
SKU: 4250
Eight Perfectly Trimmed (6-7 oz.) Free Range Chicken Breasts (Antibiotic free)
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