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Kobe Burger
SKU: 143
20 Half Pound Wagyu "Kobe Style" Beef Burgers... Absolutely the best burger you can put on your grill!! The meat from Wagyu cattle is known worldwide for its marbling characteristics and increased eating quality through a naturally-enhanced flavor, tenderness and juiciness.
Norwegian Salmon-Kosher and Sashimi Grade
SKU: 602
12 Norwegian Boneless Skinless Kosher Filets - 6 oz portions. Sashimi Grade.
Flat Iron Steaks - USDA Prime
SKU: 136
12 Flat Iron Steaks (2nd most tender beef cut) - 8 oz portions.
Sirlion Steak Burger 1/3 lb - USDA Choice/Higher
SKU: 115
10 lbs of Aged Chopped Sirloin Burgers - Thirty 5.3 oz portions.
9oz Prime Pork Frenched Rib Chop
SKU: 705
Twelve 9oz servings
Sashimi Pink Ahi Tuna
SKU: 615
12 Sashimi Pink Ahi Tuna - 8 oz portions.
New York Strip - 30 Day Aged Angus Beef
SKU: 125
12 New York Strips - 10 oz portions.
Chilean Sea Bass
SKU: 610
12 extra-sweet white skinless, boneless center-cut filets - 7/8 oz portions.
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